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First it was cookies, now it’s turnip greens

Pat McCrory 2 [1]Art Pope 3 [2]In a rather amazing response to the bad P.R. they’ve been receiving for their toughest-in-the-nation policies toward the poor and unemployed over the last several months, Gov. McCrory and his budget director, chain store magnate Art Pope, issued a pair of press releases today in an attempt to show what caring souls they are.

Unfortunately for both men, both statements come off as almost comically pathetic in their failure to appreciate the magnitude of the problem confronting people in need.

The Governor’s statement was probably the funniest: he announced that:

“approximately 6,700 pounds of fresh turnip greens harvested at the state prison farm at Caledonia Correctional Institution are being delivered to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.”

Gee thanks, Guv! That ought to take care of that pesky hunger problem [3]!

Pope, meanwhile, annnounced that he would, in the proud tradition of the world’s first billionaire John D. Rockefeller and his legendary/infamous distribution of nickels and dimes to passers by on the street, dispense a whopping $185,000 [4] from his family foundation (almost enough to hire a high-priced consultant at the Department of Health and Human Services for part of the year) to smattering of worthy causes.

In case you were wondering, the twin decisions of the McCrory administration to decline federally-funded emergency unemployment insurance benefits and Medicaid expansion under the Afordable Care Act will cost the state literally billions of dollars in funds that could have helped hundreds of thousands of people, saved thousands of lives and stimulated the state’s economy.   

Enjoy your turnip greeens and canned beans, folks.