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Health marketplace website working in NC

With all the well-documented problems over the last couple of weeks with the new health marketplace website, www.healthcare.gov [1], I’ve been checking very closely to see how it is working every few days. Today it looks to me like many of the kinks are finally being ironed out. I set up a brand new account with a new email address, entered all my basic information, answered a question about smoking and was looking at plans and prices in under 30 minutes.  Those prices by the way for a individual health plan for me – a 46 year old with, like most of us, a history of some pre-existing health conditions – were around $300 for a silver plan without figuring in any subsidies that will make the premium even more affordable for the majority of people who buy plans. The bumps in the road have been frustrating, but today I’m very, very encouraged.

4pm Update:  After I wrote this someone questioned whether or not I could actually enroll in a plan even though I was only one step away from enrolling this morning.  I easily got back on the website, went to my choices, and formally enrolled in a plan. Now I’ve got to call the insurer and tell them I don’t need the coverage and was just testing the system (which I’m going to do right now), but I’ll say it one more time.  The health marketplace is working in NC.