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New interactive map: Immigrants are vital assets to North Carolina’s economy and cultural fabric

North Carolina has long benefited from the immeasurable economic contributions of its immigrant population who play a vital role as neighbors, entrepreneurs, consumers, and taxpayers. A new interactive map [1] and companion statewide factsheet [2], launched today by the NC Justice Center, document key economic and demographic trends among immigrants living in North Carolina and its 100 counties.

Some noteworthy findings for immigrants living in North Carolina include:

Immigrants come from all over the world, pie chart, ACS 2011 [3]

The data confirm that immigrants play an essential role in sustaining the economy of North Carolina and share Tar Heel values—they work hard to provide for their families and to make the state a more prosperous, connected, and successful place to live for all North Carolinians. Explore the map [1] to see how your county compares to other counties across the state.