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NC Medicaid Saves Taxpayers Money and Improves Care (again)

SafariScreenSnapz001 [1]Here’s yet another study [2] on NC Medicaid’s Community Care program, this time in the journal Population Health Management.  It confirms what multiple other rigorous, independent reviews [3] have found – NC’s Medicaid Community Care homegrown managed care program not only saves the state substantial amounts of money by coordinating and managing the care delivered to people on Medicaid but improves that care too.

The particular significance of this study is that it dealt with Community Care’s effect not only on the relatively healthy population of moms and kids, but on the much more difficult to care for and higher-risk group of people who are on Medicaid, under 65 and have a significant disability. In summary, researchers found:

By providing targeted care management interventions, aligned with person-centered medical homes, the Community Care of North Carolina program achieved significant savings for a high-risk population in the North Carolina Medicaid program.

[T]he results from the present study are consistent with prior actuarial studies and more recent research—thus, there is a preponderance of evidence that the targeted system-wide efforts of CCNC are having a positive impact on Medicaid recipients.

I am really proud of our Medicaid program here in NC. Because of the hard work of administrators in state government and the Community Care nonprofit combined with amazing commitment and goodwill from doctors, hospitals and other health providers all over the state, we clearly have one of the best health care programs for our most vulnerable people in the country. Let’s give out some bipartisan credit too. Strong supporters from NC State Representative Nelson Dollar [4] (R), who I disagree with very much on Medicaid expansion, to NC State Senator Martin Nesbitt (D) make clear through their public statements they recognize the real-world benefits of our current Medicaid managed care program and see no need to invite out-of-state private companies into NC.