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Wilmington Star News editorial defends teacher tenure

In case you missed it, the Wilmington Star News ran a thoughtful editorial [1] on Saturday on the state’s continuing effort to turn all public school teachers into temps. Here’s one highlight:

“Tenure, officially known as ‘career status,’ does not prevent school districts from firing teachers for incompetence or misconduct, but it does require that they document sufficient cause. The state’s school districts have proven reluctant to go through that process, instead encouraging a resignation and “passing the trash,” as the practice is unofficially known, to other unsuspecting school districts. Attempts to address that problem by making more personnel information public have met with opposition from politicians who would rather keep such details secret from the people who pay the bills.

Tenure was designed not to shield bad teachers but to protect the jobs of good teachers against political whims and personal vendettas – complaining about a principal or speaking out against policies they believe are bad for public education, for example. Any contract should also spell out those protections.”

You can read the entire editorial by clicking here [1].