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The war on public education continues

Public ed cuts [1]You gotta hand it to the conservative politicians running state government these days; their willingness and capacity for waging war on public schools (what they often derisively refer to as “government schools”) and the educators who make them work remains something to behold.

Fresh off what was quite arguably the worst legislative session for the state’s public schools in memory [2]; state legislators are now attacking already demoralized teachers and concerned parents [3] for having the temerity to utter even a modest peep of concern [4]. The utter spitefulness of these attacks is really something to behold and, is as is so common with conservative fire-breathers, so disproportionate to the protest that it really makes a body wonder who is advising these people.

Honestly, you would think that at some point these folks would figure out that the more they treat teachers and public schools as punching bags, the more damage they are doing to their long-term political prospects.

But I guess when you’re such a true believer in the anti-public education cause that you’re willing to fund schools that teach that slavery wasn’t all bad and that humans and dinosaurs trod the earth together [5] or command teachers to tell untruths about human reproduction [6], you probably figure might as go all in with the plan to tear down and privatize  the whole system.