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New infographic reveals breadth of poverty across North Carolina

Poverty remains elevated in North Carolina and the nation as we continue to deal with the painfully slow recovery. As I explained [1] back in September, new Census Bureau data on poverty and income confirm that the economic recovery is continuing to bypass middle- and lower-income families. The little economic growth that is taking place is also sidestepping certain demographic groups, including children, communities of color, and women. A snapshot of these disparities, as well as how poverty varies across the state, is captured in a new infographic released today by the NC Budget and Tax Center [2]

2013 Poverty infogrfx--BTCcolors-BOTH [3]

Don’t like what you see and want to take action? Take the Talk Poverty Pledge [4], share this information with your networks, and voice your dismay to your policymakers and local papers.