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Lunch Links Friday: Calling all teachers!

Well, once again, we made it. Hope you’re enjoying a warm drink on this chilly but beautiful fall day.

Today’s Lunch Links starts off with a plug for a new feature NC Policy Watch has unveiled. We’re looking for teachers to tell their stories [1]¬†about what’s going on inside and outside of the classroom. You can head over to Your Soapbox [1] and submit your story about the challenges you’re facing as well as your success stories, or you can give me a call at 919-861-1460 and tell us your story that way.

Speaking of teachers, I’ve seen this letter making the internet rounds this week. It’s from Albert Camus to a beloved teacher, written shortly after he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Take a moment to read Camus’ letter [2], in which he embraces his teacher with all of his heart.

Finally, y’all may know by now I’m a little weather-obsessed [3], so I’ve been scouring the net for images and videos of the possibly strongest-ever [4] Super Typhoon Haiyan.

10726056545_81750d4d8e [5]







Prayers for all those in the Philippines who are confronting this impressive storm.

Happy weekend to all, and be sure to hug and thank a veteran [6].