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A little needed perspective on those health plans

National news has been dominated today by President Obama’s decision [1] to allow insurance companies to continue ┬áto offer plans that would have been canceled by Affordable Care Act.

But the problem with the cancellation of plans is not as cut and dried as you think. Economist Dean Baker addressed that very topic earlier this week in a column [2] that is worth your time to put the current debate in some needed context. Here is the crux of Baker’s point.

First, it is important to note that the ACA grand-fathered all the individual policies that were in place at the time the law was enacted. This means that the plans in effect at the time that President Obama was pushing the bill could still be offered even if they did not meet all the standards laid out in the ACA.

The plans being terminated because they don’t meet the minimal standards were all plans that insurers introduced after the passage of the ACA. Insurers introduced these plans knowing that they would not meet the standards that would come into effect in 2014. Insurers may not have informed their clients at the time they sold these plans that they would not be available after 2014 because they had designed a plan that did not comply with the ACA.

However if the insurers didn’t tell their clients that the new plans would only be available for a short period of time, the blame would seem to rest with the insurance companies, not the ACA. After all, President Obama did not promise people that he would keep insurers from developing new plans that will not comply with the provisions of the ACA.