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More NC success on www.healthcare.gov

A commenter on my recent post [1] about the Charlotte Observer’s article profiling the success on healthcare.gov of five health plan consumers had this to say:

I don’t know too much about insurance but I know enough to read and think for myself. So..I
tried to enroll today with ACA. no problems, and took 40 minutes. Compared to BCBS NC plan I had at $1216.00 per month have I now have better plan by going through the exchange for $704.00 per month. Deductible went from $2500 to $1000. Copay dropped to $10.00. This new plan is with BCBS NC!! What a horrible experience it was for me to take some time to save thousands of dollars a year. And, I am not a Democrat!!

If you do not check out the ACA you are crazy. Educate yourself. BCBS NC told me I would lose my existing plan permanently if I chose a plan from the exchange. They didn’t tell me I would be shocked at the opportunities to get a better plan with BCBS NC for less if I went through the exchange. They don’t want you to shop around and hope the scare tactics will work. Ignorance is bliss.