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Friday Gastonia rally organized to protest latest GOP “Attack Obamacare” hearing

As reported in the NYT today [1], GOP lawmakers implacably opposed to the Affordable Care Act are opening a new front starting with a hearing tomorrow morning at 9am in Gastonia, NC with a “Congressional Field Hearing.” I testified at one of these hearings a few months ago and I can comfortably report that there is no fact-finding or real discussion that goes on at one of these things. Rather the whole point seems to give whatever Congress members holding the hearing a platform to pontificate at length against whatever the issue of the day is, in this case health care for everyone. ┬áMy guess is the members of Congress in attendance won’t be laying out their own plan to make sure people can get the same health insurance they have themselves.

Luckily there are some folks organizing some sanity as a response to this push. Check our Protect Your Care’s info on the rally [2] they are planning for outside the “Field Hearing” tomorrow at 9am.