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Govs: How KY, WA, CT made Obamacare a success

Read this [1] if you want to know how three states are making a huge success out of Obamacare. ┬áHaving a state exchange that works helps, but the real reason is strong bipartisan commitment to doing what’s best for the health of people:

The Affordable Care Act has been successful in our states because our political and community leaders grasped the importance of expanding health-care coverage and have avoided the temptation to use health-care reform as a political football.

I wish our Governor and state legislators so opposed to Obamacare would travel around the state like we are doing here at the Justice Center. They could see both the hope the prospect of finally being able to afford decent health care brings as well as the despair and anger when many people realize the roadblocks state politicians have put in place like refusing to expand Medicaid or turning down a state health exchange.