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Greensboro N&R: “Rucho’s rant can’t disguise his incredible lack of historical perspective”

A new Greensboro News & Record editorial [1] takes state Senator Bob Rucho to task for his tweet/rant of the other day [2] and his subsequent ineffective effort to defend it [3]. You really should check out the entire editorial, but here’s a brief sample:

“Rucho’s rant can’t disguise his incredible lack of historical perspective. World War II cost this country $4.1 trillion in 2011 dollars, the Congressional Research Service calculated then.

That was just to fight and win the war. It did not count the costs of rebuilding Europe and much of East Asia and the Western Pacific or, as noted in the $5 billion-a-year figure above, the continuing cost of veterans benefits.

The human costs of losing more than 400,000 military personnel aren’t included, either. Nor is the lost potential income those dead soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen represented: the heroes who didn’t come home to raise their children or to care for their aging parents….

Rucho’s notion that Obamacare is more expensive to Americans than all that is nonsense. Worse, it’s dangerous nonsense because it illustrates the irrational depth of hatred toward the health care law held, not only by Rucho, but by others of like attitude. He is an influential member of his Republican majority in the state Senate. His assessment of Obamacare — that it will have a greater negative impact on our country than World War II, the Soviet Union and terrorism — informed his decision to deny qualified North Carolina residents expanded access to health care under Medicaid and to bar North Carolina from operating health care exchanges.

So it’s important to know how leaders like Rucho think and on what basis they’ve made important decisions for the people of North Carolina. It is ill-informed, distorted thinking. Can someone who so profoundly misunderstands the past be trusted to lead this state into the future?”

Read the entire editorial by clicking here [1].