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Hope for same-sex couples in NC?

WRAL reports [1] that a same-sex couple Maj. Daniel Toven and Johnathan Taylor exchanged vows Saturday in a ceremony at Fort Bragg. While it wasn’t a wedding (prohibited by Amendment One), hope may yet to come soon, if the trend from New Mexico and Utah continues to the Tar Heel state.

Only a few days ago, New Mexico became the 17th state [2] to recognize same-sex marriages.

Utah soon followed suit, with a federal judge ruling against a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. Thinkprogress has a breakdown [3]of how the judge systematically tore down many of the arguments against marriage equality.

The events in Utah prompted one couple to get married an hour after the law was struck down. [4] And dozens of couples soon did likewise [5].

Here in North Carolina, as NC Policy Watch has covered in a previous Crucial Conversation [9] event, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit [10] on behalf of six couples seeking marriage equality and second-parent adoption rights, challenging the state’s constitutional ban.