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Nine charter school applications for 2015 will not move forward

Members of the Charter School Advisory Board [1] are meeting today to review charter school applications for 2015. Nine of the 71 applications that were submitted last December have been deemed incomplete by the board and will not move forward.

The nine charter school applications that won’t move forward are as follows:

Empowerment Academy Charter School [2] (Vance County)
J.E. Graham Leadership Academy [3] (Hoke County)
Kaleidoscope Art and Technology High School [4] (Wake County)
T.E.A.M. D&K Academy [5] (Mecklenburg County)
Russell Lee Jones Charter High School [6](Mecklenburg County)
Antonio Academy [7] (Durham County)
James Madison Academy [8] (Wake County)
Pinnacle of Durham Charter School [9] (Durham County)
Ridgeview Charter School [10] (Gaston County)

Francis Deluca, president of the Civitas Institute, would have been on the board of the proposed James Madison Academy, which did not make it past today’s review.

Final approval for charter schools wishing to open in 2015 will come no later than January 15, 2015.

Last week, the State Board of Education approved 26 charter schools to open this fall [11].