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UPDATE: NC teacher compensation plan

Yesterday, I reported [1] on a new teacher compensation idea that is making its way around Raleigh. It’s called the NC 60/30/10 Plan [2], which, among other ideas, would pay the bulk of NC teachers $32,000 and limit all teachers to a 20-year career.

I attempted to get in touch with the plan’s author, Dr. Lodge McCammon [3], several hours before posting my story–but I did not hear back from him. McCammon reached out to me after the story went online to explain the details behind his plan.

McCammon explained that his plan is nothing more than a brainstorming project between himself and a number of teachers and researchers. He said he only put his name on the plan to protect the identity of those who contributed their ideas, given that some of the solutions are controversial–and he declined to name those individuals. He also said he just wants to encourage the idea of flipped classrooms [4].

McCammon asserted that he did not intend for the document to be shared publicly, but did cite North Carolina’s Principal of the Year, Dale Cole, as one person among several to whom he sent the plan for feedback and suggestions. (Cole confirmed his account.)

McCammon, who says he’s not a policymaker but a musician, was employed at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation North Carolina State University until last September. The Friday Institute’s mission is to “conduct research, develop educational resources, provide professional development programs for educators, advocate to improve teaching and learning, and help inform policy-making.”

Reached for comment, Glenn Kleiman, executive director of The Friday Institute said, “Lodge is doing this without any connection to or involvement of the Friday Institute. ┬áThe Friday Institute does not endorse it or have any official response to it at all.”

McCammon told NC Policy Watch that the plan has since evolved into a draft that no longer contains a 20-year limit on teaching careers. When I receive the latest copy of the draft plan, which McCammon has promised to send along, I’ll post it here.