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A “redo” for the Constitution? Some N.C. lawmakers hope so

Among the bills filed at the state legislature today was a resolution that would put North Carolina on a small list of states seeking to reconvene the Constitutional Convention of the States.

Yes, that Constitutional Convention. The last time they met was back in 1787.

The North Carolina resolution (click here [1] to read) is part of a recent cause [2] among far-right conservatives to seek financial limits on the federal government.

The North Carolina resolution makes no bones about the lawmakers’ disregard for Washington, finding that “the federal government has ceased to exist under a proper interpretation of the Constitutional of the United States.”

This isn’t the first time the legislature took stabs at how to apply the U.S. Constitution. Last year, a bill was filed that would have made Rowan County a First-Amendment free zone and established a state religion [3]. That bill, which had a quarter of the N.C. House Republican delegation sign on, didn’t make it far, after N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis (and current U.S. Senate candidate) squashed the bill [4] from his Republican colleagues.

Below is some of the language from the resolution introduced today by state Reps. Jim Fulghum, [5] Bert Jones, [6] Chris Millis and [7]  Dennis Riddell [8] and co-sponsored by Reps. C. Robert Brawley [9],  George Cleveland, [10]  Jason Saine [11] and Roger Younts [12];


Cons t Convention [13] by NC Policy Watch [14]