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“It is a crying shame the way the poor and elderly are being treated”

Posted By Ricky Leung On June 11, 2014 @ 8:11 am In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled


Recent budget proposals out of the NCGA will eliminate Medicaid coverage for nearly 12,000 [1] elderly blind or disabled people, cut $1 million from a popular program [2] that delivers meals and provides in-home health services to the elderly, and shut down several regional offices of the state’s child-developmental services agencies [3] that help babies and toddlers with disabilities.

One submission to N.C. Policy Watch’s “Your Soapbox” [4] feature laments the difficulty in getting help even before the the proposed cuts.

I lost my insurance coverage under COBRA. I went for a year without insurance coverage. I didn’t qualify for Medicaid since I had over $2500.00 in the State Retirement system.

I had to fight tooth and nail to get help. Every way I went was a dead end. I was finally able to get help through Pender County for medical and meds.

It is a crying shame the way the poor and elderly are being treated; it’s like the legislature wants them to die.

Read the full submisson here. [5]

soapbox-600-web-300x162 [4]

Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear more from people and their families who stand to be affected by the massive cuts proposed by our legislative leaders to Medicaid and other health and human services programs that serve the poor, disabled and elderly. What are your experiences? Tell us your story using this submission form. [6]

To read personal stories from others affected by the cuts, click here. [4]

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