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The McCrory-Pope economy

A new report from the experts at the N.C. Budget and Tax Center [1] paints a sobering picture of what the new “recovered” North Carolina economy really means for average people:

“North Carolina’s recovery from the Great Recession has been marked by slow job growth and persistent challenges for working families to make ends meet. The minimal job growth has been concentrated in low-wage industries, a new report finds, which will only make North Carolina’s economic recovery that much more difficult.

Low-wage work is defined simply as work pays less than what it takes for a family or an individual to make ends meets, according to a new report from the North Carolina Justice Center [2]. Based on the Budget and Tax Center’s Living Income Standard, a worker with one child has to earn $16.21 an hour to meet this standard. Most of the jobs created since the start of the official recovery in 2009 pay less than the Living Income Standard, and, even more disturbing, the growth in poverty-wage jobs has exploded, the report said.

‘When workers earn low wages, they struggle to meet the rising costs for their most basic needs: food on their table, roofs over their heads and clothes for their children,’ said Alexandra Sirota, Director of the Budget & Tax Center and co-author of the report. ‘The broader economy also suffers from a shrinking middle class and increased public spending to help working families stay afloat….’”

In other words, things remain mired in neutral for most people and the state’s maddening refusal to expand Medicaid or maintain tax policies that put more spending money in the hands of average families continue to make things worse for no good reason. Read the entire report by clicking here [1].