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Conservative politico’s charter school still stonewalling on salary info

Posted By Rob Schofield On June 26, 2014 @ 10:57 am In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

The once semi-prevalent illusion that the charter school movement is somehow about aiding public education and not just privatizing it continues to fall apart. The latest confirmation comes from the Wilmington Star-News which which has still more news on the stubborn and absurd refusal [1] of charter school chain owned by conservative power broker Baker Mitchell to release information on the salaries it pays its staff:

“The nonprofit Charter Day School Inc. has yet to comply fully with media requests for the salaries of its employees.

Missing from the list school officials released Friday are 33 employees – including headmasters, assistant headmasters and many lead teachers at Charter Day School in Leland, Columbus Charter School in Whiteville and Douglass Academy in Wilmington.

In a letter accompanying the latest release, Charter Day School Inc. Board of Trustees Chairman John Ferrante said, ‘CDS agrees (and has always agreed) with the N.C. Office of Charter Schools (‘NCOCS’) that it is subject to the North Carolina Public Records Act.’

But the release omitted salaries of key personnel, whom the StarNews identified by comparing the salary information released with employee organizational charts available on the website of Roger Bacon Academy. The for-profit Roger Bacon Academy and the nonprofit Charter Day School Inc. were founded by Baker Mitchell, who continues to serve as president of Roger Bacon Academy and secretary of the Charter Day School Inc. Board of Trustees.

The StarNews believes the salaries for these employees are covered under the public records law, N.C. General Statute 132, and submitted a new request Wednesday to obtain the salaries of all employees included on the schools’ organizational charts, as well as employees who have publicly presented themselves as Charter Day School Inc. representatives.”

Meanwhile, in another you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up development, Mitchell apologists over on Right Wing Avenue in Raleigh (i.e. the folks who rant on a daily basis about “waste, fraud and abuse” in public spending)  are now actually arguing [2] that charter school salaries should not be public at all even though they are supposedly paid by public schools funded with public money.

Well, at least nobody’s pretending anymore.

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