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Sen. Jerry Tillman: “The timing is right” to repeal Common Core (w/ video)

Is Senator Jerry Tillman truly the man of compromise that he says he is when it comes to the Common Core standards?

State lawmakers are coming close to passing legislation that would aim to repeal the Common Core standards [1], although the language in the bill currently would allow for a review commission to recommend keeping parts of the Common Core standards in place, if they so choose.

Sen. Tillman was behind the softer language (the House version doesn’t allow for Common Core to remain), saying last week that the Common Core has “some good and rigorous standards, and I’m sure that we will adopt some of them,” Tillman said. Tillman has also said publicly that he has rallied pro-Common Core stakeholders around his version of the bill, including the NC Chamber and State Superintendent June Atkinson.

But at a May news conference about Common Core at Phoenix Academy, where Tillman was flanked by Lt. Governor Dan Forest and State Board of Education member Buddy Collins, Tillman’s vehement opposition to the Common Core was made very clear in a lengthy speech he gave. (Head over the jump for video highlights)

Common Core is a sellout and we’ve sold our soul:

Alludes to State Board of Education member Buddy Collins backing him up during the review of standards:

Even the NC Chamber, a public supporter, is actually ashamed of the Common Core:

BEST NC is headed by thinking people who have seen the light on Common Core, and by the way Brenda Berg is good looking so he spent some extra time working with her on his bill:

The timing is right to repeal Common Core:

While Tillman’s legislation creates a review commission to recommend new standards for adoption that may or may not include the Common Core, keep in mind that the commission members would mostly be political appointees of Sen. Phil Berger, Speaker Thom Tillis, and Gov. Pat McCrory.

And two State Board of Ed members would be on the commission too. Remember: it’s ultimately up to the State Board of Education to decide whether or not to accept and follow through on what the review commission puts forth.

Looks like Tillman has made at least one friend on the State Board of Education — Buddy Collins. Remember him? [2]

So while Tillman’s bill allows for Common Core to stay, the question remains: what will the eventual outcome be for these standards in North Carolina, given Tillman’s real feelings on the subject and how the review commission will be stacked up?

To watch the entire video, head on over to the Rhino Times’ YouTube channel [3].