The crazy company they keep

Conspiracy kooksThe folks over on Right-wing Avenue — yeah, you know, the supposedly nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organizations that have been acting as virtual auxiliaries of the campaign of one of the two main U.S. Senate candidates in recent weeks — have a lot of troubling friends and allies on the fringe.

Take, for instance the website “Triad Conservative” (to which one can link directly from the Locke Foundation’s “Piedmont Publius” blog). This is from an article that appeared on the site over the weekend entitled “Time to Entertain Secession?”:

“Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel argues that we are witnessing the end of Western Civilization.  He is essentially correct.  Western Civilization over the last two millenia has been intrinsically Christian.  Our national government is now post-Christian, post-modern and indeed anti-Christian.  And Greensboro’s own Kay Hagan has been at the forefront of this change.

The United States is no longer a fundamentally good country.”

The post concludes this way:

“The individual states ought to be free to leave the union.  And they now have ample reason to do so.  The key barrier is that large numbers of citizens are hooked on government entitlements– just as in Scotland.  Another barrier is that large segments of the population are post-Christian, just like our socialist central government.

Nonetheless, the nation might have significant pockets of citizens in a number of states who are willing to try something different.  They should be permitted and encouraged to do so.  And citizens from the remaining states ought to have different choices to move to any of those states that do secede.  They need to be able to escape also.

Perhaps we ought to begin this conversation right here in North Carolina.”

The bottom line: The right-wing Pope-funded groups in North Carolina want to have things both ways. They crave/demand to be treated as serious and responsible voices of conservative good governance, but they also regularly associate with fanatics on the extreme far right who make the John Birch Society look like the Kiwanis Club. They need to decide which role they want to play. And the mainstream news media needs to stop treating them as serious experts/comentators until they ax the connections to the loony far right.

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  1. Fecund Stench

    October 14, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Art Pope’s Stooge and The Evil Dr. Guarino have been around a long time and have published some really stupid and hateful stuff. We tend to ignore them here in Greensboro.

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