Today’s three ‘must read’ education stories

For those with election fatigue – yes,  there is more going on this week than the mid-term races. Here are three stories that have North Carolina educators buzzing:

  • The Superintendent of the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system announced Monday that he will resign from the post this Thursday to  Heath Morrison's official picture 200x250spend more time with his family, catching almost everyone in the district off-guard. You can read Superintendent Heath Morrison’s resignation letter here. You can also read the Charlotte Observer’s latest article speculating on what may be behind Morrison’s sudden departure.
  • The State Board of Education will discuss Wednesday the decision by Wilmington’s Charter Day School Inc. not to release the salary information of Roger Bacon Academy employees. All charter school operators faced a September 30th deadline to release that information. The Wilmington Star News has a preview of what comes next in this dispute. For more background, check out Sarah Ovaska’s recent blog post on the ‘trade secret’ salaries. .
  • Finally, The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting read on three governors who made deep cuts to higher education and may pay the price on Election Day. The gubernatorial races profiled are in Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Here’s an excerpt from Eric Kelderman’s article:

    Whether or not the incumbents win, the tight races may be a signal from voters that fiscal restraint has its limits, said Daniel J. Hurley, director of state relations and policy analysis at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

    “What message is sent in states with these close matchups?” Mr. Hurley asked. “Did these Republican lawmakers take it too far in terms of cutting taxes and reducing spending?”

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