Advocates call on Gov. McCrory to “Stop the Hate” and support immigrant families

May_Day_Immigration_March_LA37Just days after Governor Pat McCrory announced he would join 14 states in a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive order on immigration, North Carolina advocates are speaking out.

Familias Unidas, Action NC and community allies are holding a Friday press conference in Charlotte to address their concerns.

Here’s more from the group’s press advisory:

According to Rosalba Tlalolini of Familias Unidas, “When he was Mayor of Charlotte, McCrory supported and praised immigrants and our contributions. Now that we have the opportunity to become documented and come out of the shadow, he now turns his back on us, the very same people who contributed to his success”.

Rogelio Reyes of Action NC said “I am confused by the governor’s actions. When he was mayor of Charlotte, he welcomed immigrants, the very same people who built this city and its infrastructure, including the Bank of America and Wells Fargo towers. Now that he is governor, he has changed, much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

Latino and Asian entrepreneurs and consumers already add tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to North Carolina’s economy. In NC, 122,000 undocumented immigrants are eligible for deferred action under the president’s November 20th executive actions on immigration. If these immigrants are able to receive a temporary work permit, it would lead to a $197 million increase in tax revenues, over five years.

Friday’s press conference will be held at 11:00 a.m. at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center.

On Thursday, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest entered the controversy, sending a letter to state Attorney General Roy Cooper encouraging his office to legally challenge “the unprecedented and unconstitutional executive actions” of  President Obama.

To read the Lt. Governor’s letter, click below.


One Comment

  1. Alan

    December 8, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Hate drives their entire political operation, why change it?

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