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This week’s Top Five on NC Policy Watch

1. Effort to “right-size” the UNC system in the works  |
Significant changes may be on the horizon for the state’s higher education network, as the University of North Carolina’s governing board considers “right-sizing” the 17-campus system.

“The model should be much smaller than it is,” UNC Board of Governor member Harry Smith Jr. said about the UNC system last Thursday, during [Continue Reading…]

2. K12, Inc., backer of future NC virtual charter school, runs questionable operation in California  |
Former California Virtual Academy (CAVA) employee Jan Cox Golovich left her job as an online high school teacher a year ago, when she decided the students she was teaching were being cheated out of an education.

“CAVA lets students fail. They let the kids go a whole year performing poorly in school and then fail. But CAVA has made their money,” said Golovich of the virtual school that is backed by K12, Inc., a Wall Street company that is in the business of making profits off of state education budgets by running online virtual charter schools across the nation – and soon, in North Carolina.[Continue Reading…]

3. The Follies (of McCrory’s forgettable budget) |
The summary released this week with Governor Pat McCrory’s budget recommendations for the next two years starts out with a falsehood.

The first sentence in the first section of the highlights of the budget says “No tax increases are proposed in this budget.”  But that is simply not true. McCrory wants to raise the state gas tax by stopping a scheduled reduction in the tax this summer.

Motorists in North Carolina will pay higher gas taxes if McCrory’s budget is adopted. That is a tax increase.[Continue Reading…]

4. Standing, state’s rights, or statutory construction? |
Obamacare subsidies hinge on which analysis the Supreme Court adopts

The U.S. Supreme Court takes a second look at the Affordable Care Act tomorrow morning, hearing argument in a case out of Virginia which many experts say has the potential to rock the nation’s health care system. The law’s constitutionality is not threatened; the [Continue Reading…]

5. UNC Board of Governors: Doing the Right’s dirty work |
Last week’s decision by the UNC Board of Governors to dissolve three small academic centers at UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina Central and ECU (including, most notably of course, the Poverty Center headed by UNC Law School Professor Gene Nichol) and to limit the activities of the Law School’s Center for Civil Rights has been met with justifiable outrage in numerous circles. [Continue Reading…]

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