What the Right really has in mind for public education

School-vouchersIf you still harbor any doubts about what the American far right has in mind when it comes to the future of public education, there’s a helpful reminder in Texas right now where ideologues are seriously advancing a new proposal to commence the process of doing away with it. As public schools champion Diane Ravitch points out his morning on her blog, the latest voucher proposal under consideration in the Lone Star state appears to be a truly a frightening mess.

Ravitch points readers to a recent and critical op-ed in the Houston Chronicle by Republican politico Chris Ladd (a fellow who, rather remarkably, writes under the moniker “GOP Lifer”) in which he describes the proposal that would both allow vouchers and a new and parallel funding scheme whereby some taxpayers could simply earmark their taxes to fund private schools. Here’s Ladd:

“These two bills would not merely privatize schools. They would privatize the school funding system as well, creating an entire parallel world free from the liberal horrors of a real education infrastructure. Taxpayers could simply exit the existing public school funding system in favor of their own private school funding entities which they control entirely….

Texas’ proposed school reform would, at least on a limited scale for now, allow taxpayers to opt out of paying taxes to public schools in order to direct their contributions to [Educational Assistance Organizations]. Those entities would decide which students to fund in private schools, with no constraints on sending students to religious academies and no oversight on which students they fund.

If expanded, this offers Texas’ religious fundamentalists a huge achievement. They could finally destroy their most hated public institution – the schools. This proposal would gradually starve the public schools of their revenue stream, further cutting the amount that the state pays after years of careful under-funding. Meanwhile it would leave the public schools trapped under their existing infrastructure and mandates, a trap that would finally finish off the beast.

Ladd concludes this way:

“It isn’t clear whether the current proposals can gain enough support to pass in this session. The Senate has already approved the plan, but its future in the House is uncertain.

What is clear is that Texas’ experiment with radical Neo-Confederate government is reaching a crucially painful stage and there is no relief in sight. This disastrous and bizarre proposal may fail this year, but there is nothing to stop it from emerging again and again until it, something even worse, finally passes. Elections have consequences and there are no signs of Texas elections delivering sanity any time soon.”

Of course, such schemes are sadly familiar to  North Carolinians, who saw a similar tax proposal a few years back and are already being forced to endure vouchers.  Still, it’s good to be reminded that conservative ideologues are hardly finished with their crusade to repeal the 20th Century.


  1. LayintheSmakDown

    May 5, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    This certainly makes sense. If the government schools are not having to educate a given student, why should they get all the benefit of the tax dollars? Another thing to consider is the government schools are getting a good deal, they do not have to educate the child but still receive a sizeable chunk of the dollars for that child. Heck, if it were not for their desire to indoctrinate into the socialist views then they would probably be advocating to take more children out so they could keep the incremental dollars.

  2. Jeffrey T. Titley

    May 5, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Please, come to the middle school where I teach. Spend a day in my shoes, then talk.

  3. LayintheSmakDown

    May 6, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    I have been there, I come from a long line of teachers and my wife was one until recently being assaulted by a “diversity” student. What is not realized here on this site is that the lack of dollars are not the problem, it is the entrenched progressives that continue their usual failed policies like “diversity”….which is what is leading the flight to charter schools.

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