Editorial: Gun bill that would gag docs should be defeated

GunsThe Greensboro News & Record tells it like it is this morning in a polite but firm editorial regarding the controversial House bill to further liberalize North Carolina gun laws. The editorial is entitled “Doctors and guns” and it rightfully labels the proposal to gag doctors who would ask their patients about firearms in their homes an unconstitutional abridgment of the First Amendment:

“Health and safety are their business. A patient can exhibit signs indicating a risk for suicide or aggression without explicitly expressing a desire to harm himself or others. While the bill does not directly prohibit doctors from asking about a patient’s access to guns, it prevents them from informing police. Imagine a psychiatrist examining someone like Seung-Hui Cho, the 2007 Virginia Tech mass-murderer, finding him in a troubled state of mind, learning he has firearms, but being barred from telling police because of Cho’s right to ‘firearms privacy.’

Because of physicians’ free-speech rights, this measure should not survive a legal challenge. But it demonstrates how completely many state legislators have surrendered to the gun mania afflicting the country.”

The editorial concludes this way:

“The bill has other unsound provisions. It would:

• Weaken criminal background checks.

• Further restrict the ability of local governments to regulate gun sales.

• Clarify that concealed carry permit holders could keep firearms inside their vehicles on private property, even if the property owners otherwise prohibit firearms on their premises.

• Prohibit a local government that enacts a noise ordinance from applying the ordinance to an existing shooting range.

In the last four years, North Carolina already has enacted many permissive gun laws. There haven’t been terrible consequences as a result, but further loosening of laws is unwarranted.

Guns are a part of our culture, for better and for worse. Gun ownership has never been threatened in North Carolina. But guns are dangerous in the wrong hands. Physicians can help determine whose hands.”


  1. LayintheSmakDown

    May 9, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I think it is a good idea, why would a doctor be asking a stuipid question like that? I for one would not tell my doctor how many weapons I have, heck I don’t tell anyone the extent of my armory. That way when the government comes for my guns they won’t know if they have them all.

  2. Alan

    May 9, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    “That way when the government comes for my guns”, well, that just about sums up the crazies, doesn’t it?

    Tell me LSD, just how many “gunz” has President Obama taken from anyone? Look out, is that a black helicopter overhead coming to take you to the FEMA concentration camp, to be forced into an ACA death panel? Time to take off the tin-foil hat.

  3. LayintheSmakDown

    May 11, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    I guess I should re-phrase that to say when the government comes to “help” with the guns so that you understand?

  4. Alan

    May 11, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    paranoid schizophrenia

    Noun 1. paranoid schizophrenia – a form of schizophrenia characterized by delusions (of persecution or grandeur or jealousy); symptoms may include anger and anxiety and aloofness and doubts about gender identity; unlike other types of schizophrenia the patients are usually presentable and (if delusions are not acted on) may function in an apparently normal manner.

    So, is it anxiety, aloofness, or issues with gender identity that force you to comment here EVERY SINGLY DAY? I dismissed the “apparently normal manner” ages ago…

  5. LayintheSmakDown

    May 14, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Adjective: informal

    a deliberately offensive or insulting online comment providing little to no value.


  6. Alan

    May 16, 2015 at 10:51 pm

    Well, that was funny, even from a resident troll.

  7. LayintheSmakDown

    May 17, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    Glad you found it. It took you two whole days to think up a response, and the response was not even insulting! It must have gotten under your skin.

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