The truth about renewable energy and Koch-funded efforts to derail it in NC

The good people at the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters did a great job this morning of exposing the dishonesty in the latest attacks on renewable energy in North Carolina in recent weeks from the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity. This is from this morning’s LCV Weekly Conservation Bulletin:

“Meanwhile on another key legislative front, one of the most well-heeled anti-environmental advocacy groups, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), has rolled out its latest dollars-and-nonsense attack on clean energy. AFP, which not coincidentally receives much funding from oil industry and other dirty energy sources, loves to attack clean, renewable energy development with factually questionable claims. In its latest assault on clean energy, AFP has launched a grab bag of dubious allegations attacking North Carolina’s imperiled Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS).

(For those who came in late, REPS requires electric utilities operating in North Carolina – especially Duke Energy – to produce or purchase a modest minimum percentage of its electricity from renewable sources like solar. REPS shares responsibility with the renewable energy development tax credits for the enormous boom in solar energy generation and related jobs in NC over the past eight years. Unfortunately, the House’s latest regulatory ‘reform’ bill, HB 760, was amended on the House floor to include anti-REPS changes. HB 760 passed the House and is now pending in the state Senate).

In working to gin up support for gutting REPS, AFP is flinging muddy claims about cost. First, the group points to rising electricity costs for customers of Duke Energy. That’s certainly true enough – but then they pull the switch of falsely blaming those increases on the very modest costs of incentivizing renewable energy production. In fact, Duke customers in NC pay about 50 cents/month for renewables – and about $20/month for fuel for the big centralized power plants. Moreover, instead of raising the net costs of electricity to customers, REPS is saving them money, and those savings from REPS are climbing over time.

AFP goes on to raise the specter of job losses. In fact, not only does renewable energy generation create jobs, it creates more than fossil fuels. In addition, unlike coal, solar jobs are also created here at home in NC.

Renewable energy is already saving money for electric customers and creating jobs for our state. It will continue to do more of both, so long as the paid fossil fuel cheerleaders like AFP don’t persuade our legislators to gut the very tools that are producing an affordable green energy revolution in our state.

Listen for the propaganda being spread by AFP and its sponsors, and then don’t stay silent. Push back with the facts.”

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