With the graying of North Carolina, a renewed focus on caregivers

If you’re caring for an older parent or have ever been in the position of finding a trusted caregiver for a family member, you won’t want to miss NC Policy Watch’s upcoming Crucial Conversation.

On Monday, July 20th, state Rep. Yvonne Holley and Allan Freyer, director of the Workers’ Rights Project of the North Carolina Justice Center will discuss the challenges North Carolina faces as the number of potential family caregivers continues to decline.

As Rob Schofield explains:

…recruiting and retaining skilled people to do this work is increasingly difficult. Though it includes some of the state’s fastest growing occupations, direct-care work offers some of the lowest wages in the state. As a result, too many home-care workers don’t make enough to afford the basics like groceries, rent and transportation — leading to increased turnover of caregivers and disrupted care for seniors.

So what can be done? Are there public policy changes able to address these problems? And how can grassroots activists get involved?

To learn more about the July 20th Crucial Conversation – Caring for Caregivers: The importance of quality wages for ensuring quality care  – click here.

Source: AT RISK_1.pdf

Source: AT RISK_1.pdf

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