Another editorial takes McCrory to task over Foley affair

Pat McCrory 4The scathing assessments of Gov. Pat McCrory’s job performance continue to multiply — and, no, this is not a reference to Sen. Tom Apodaca’s observation that “the Governor doesn’t play much of a role in anything.”

The new take-down comes from the editorial board of the Winston-Salem Journal, which blasts the Guv this morning over his performance in the Paul Foley affair:

“The Associated Press reported late last week that ‘the chief legal counsel for Gov. Pat McCrory knew almost a year ago that Paul Foley’s law firm had received more than $1.3 million in payments [for legal work] from the target of an investigation into questionable political donations. However, Bob Stephens didn’t say anything to McCrory about the potential conflict of interest or other issues with Foley, a Winston-Salem lawyer … McCrory spokesman Josh Ellis said.’

This wasn’t Stephens’ first problem as chief counsel. McCrory and Stephens owe us all a full accounting of this latest one. As The Charlotte Observer said in an editorial Sunday, McCrory ‘should either stop throwing [Stephens] under a bus, or he should dismiss Stephens for poor judgment and incompetence.’”

As the Journal goes on to point out, the public deserves a much more thorough explanation:

“What does trouble us is fact that the governor acted far too late on the Foley issue. McCrory and Stephens both work for us. They both us owe us a full accounting of what they knew and when they knew it.

Perception is everything in politics, and, most important, public trust. Good leaders respond quickly to problems of perception to retain the public trust. Gov. McCrory responded far too late to the conflict of interest in this case.”

Sadly, given his past performance in so many other areas, one has to seriously wonder whether the Governor is actually capable of providing a coherent and convincing explanation of what the heck actually happened. Read the entire editorial by clicking here.


  1. Brother Doc

    July 21, 2015 at 10:17 am

    It’s hard for me to understand how this incompetent, bumbling boob got elected in the first place. Friends I know from Charlotte thought he was a moderate when he was mayor, and this reputation helped him get elected. I think the only reason he had a moderate reputation was, he had to deal with a majority-Democratic city council which meant he had to be a compromiser (and maybe even a flip-flopper). Now that he is safely bought by the deep pockets of his true bosses, Duke Energy and Art Pope, his moderateness has been shown to be nothing but smoke and mirrors and his weaknesses have been fully exposed. They guy is in over his head–he’s nothing but a puppet for far more powerful and sinister right-wing free-market ideologues and fanatics.

  2. Jack

    July 22, 2015 at 9:56 am

    I’m surprised that anyone is surprised about the Governor’s political character. From my perspective as I observed the campaign between him and Purdue he was and continues to be governed by those with the money and the power to dictate the terms by which the state of North Carolina will operate. Good luck in getting any real answer to the question of what was known and when was it known because he may not ever know given that he is so out of the loop.

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