One speech NC lawmakers should hear before finalizing the state budget (video)

In case you missed it last week, UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor Carol Folt addressed the National Press Club and delivered a powerful reminder of why state lawmakers must do more to make sure college remains accessible to low-income students.

“We know that the lifetime earnings of someone with a college degree are considerably greater, ” explained Folt. “We also know that the new knowledge economy, the one that is bursting and growing, the one the country wants to compete in is requiring the skills of a college graduate. And it’s not just their STEM skills, it’s their writing skills, it’s their critical thinking, it’s their problem solving.”

The chancellor stressed keeping higher education costs low is critical to attracting capable students, and helping them to become part of a flourishing economy.

While the UNC system prides itself in low tuition compared to the rest of the nation, tuition and fees have been on an uptick to offset years of cuts in state funding.

Earlier this year, the UNC Board of Governors approved tuition and fee increases averaging 4.3 percent for in-state undergraduates entering college this fall.

To hear an excerpt of Folt’s remarks, click below. Her entire hour-long presentation is available on the National Press Club’s website.

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