McCrory still opposed to sales tax plan and still unwilling to talk to reporters

Gov. Pat McCrory, who has never met a groundbreaking in Charlotte on a Friday that he didn’t like, was at another one today and didn’t feel much like answering questions from pesky reporters, according to the Charlotte Business Journal.

The former Charlotte mayor, while walking to his SUV to depart for another meeting, said he did not have time to take questions. Asked for a quick comment on the sales-tax proposal, McCrory told me, “My position hasn’t changed.” As he ducked his head into the car, I asked what he thought the chances are for the sales-tax plan to be approved. The governor chuckled and said, “My position hasn’t changed.”

The problem for McCrory is that currently the sales tax proposal that changes the way local sales tax revenue is distributed is now part of legislation that funds business incentive programs that he is desperate for lawmakers to approve.

Reporters would have probably asked him about that had he talked to them for five minutes, but he couldn’t seem to find the time. Thursday he also avoided reporters waiting with questions after his remarks at an N.C. Chamber education event.

Wonder why the governor is so media averse lately? What questions is he scared to answer?


  1. LayintheSmakDown

    August 14, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Looks like he is taking tips from Your Favorite Progressive Hilary Clinton. Running from an event to an SUV while avoiding the press is a famed democrat MO. Lets hope he is not hoarding top secret information to sell to our enemies on a server in his house.

  2. Vonna Viglione

    August 17, 2015 at 8:53 am

    I await the companion Bill to this legislation fining employers of more than 100,000 illegal immigrants now currently, and gainfully, employed here in NC…sometimes in factories staffed almost entirely by illegal immigrants..established, in many cases, with the knowing complicity of local “leaders” eager to repopulate classrooms in some rural areas. But in the metro areas, there are warehouse operations, service sector and construction jobs…and just imagine the number of jobs freed up in schools, hospitals, police departments and virtually every commercial venture if and when positions for Spanish speaking translators are no longer necessary…..If the GOP is going to get punitive with citizens who are out of work, how about a little equitable justice for employers who eschew hiring their fellow citizens and hire illegal immigrants instead….failing that, the GOP has to own up to their real agenda…a war on the middle class and a vision of America as just another third world oligarchy….

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