Voter ID case back in state court this morning

VoteThe state court challenge to the 2013 voter ID provisions of the monster voting law is set for a hearing this morning at the Wake County Courthouse on the state’s request to dismiss the case.

That request comes on the heels of the recent amendment to the law providing that voters lacking an acceptable photo ID can still cast a ballot after signing an affidavit that states they had a reasonable impediment to obtaining one.

The state contends the amendment moots the claims that the voter ID provisions are unconstitutional.

The law’s challengers argue though that even with the amendment the right to vote is still burdened, in part because of uncertainty over how election officials statewide will implement the reasonable impediment provision — particularly in light of a possible March 2016 election.  They point to a lack of any plan to educate poll workers and other election officials on how the amendment will work and also to lawmaker statements indicating an intent to repeal the reasonable impediment provision as soon as possible. They are asking the the court to allow them to amend their complaint to challenge the amendment.

Today’s hearing will proceed even as the parties in the pending federal cases challenging the 2013 law have indicated they may be able to reach a settlement of the voter ID claims, depending upon an agreement of conditions needed by challengers to ensure voter protection.

A report to U.S. Judge Thomas B. Schroeder on the status of those negotiations is expected by September 18, 2015.

(Correction:  An earlier version of this post stated that plaintiffs in the federal cases would report to Judge Schroeder on the status of settlement negotiations over the voter ID claims early this week. That has been corrected to reflect the correct date for such a report — September 18, 2015.)


  1. Gina

    August 24, 2015 at 9:35 am

    With voter ID laws, how can the left wing Soros puppets vote only once?

  2. JBnNC

    August 24, 2015 at 11:15 am

    Poor Gina. The world is passing you by, and therefore you need to believe someone is taking it from you? There is no evidence of in-person voter fraud. The election rigging operatives have had years to try to demonstrate there is a problem, and the best argument is, “There is no evidence of a problem, and that is evidence of a problem.”

    There is ample evidence, however, of attempted voter suppression–a foul and blatant attack on our democracy.

  3. LayintheSmakDown

    August 25, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    Good perspective Gina, and it falls so close to the truth that one of the pulse cubicle trolls comes out.

    JBNNC, you need to just look up the voter integrity project. There are hundreds of cases that have been submitted…and even some where DA’s actually had a backbone to prosecute where there were double votes in multiple states in recent elections. Your argument is specious at best since fraud has been ignored in the past as it is the main strategy of the democrat party that had been in power for so long.

    I love the argument though for it’s perfect circle
    “There is no fraud” says the progressive democrat

    “Have you looked for it?” asks the rational person

    “No..” says PD

    “How do you know there is no fraud?” says RP

    “Because there has been none prosecuted” says PD

    “But you say you don’t look for it” says RP

    “Right, because there is no fraud” says PD

    #facepalm by all rational people

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