McCrory supports flexibility in TA funding as Senate proposes ending flexibility

McCrory_budget305-aGov. Pat McCrory often seems a step behind the happenings in the General Assembly. That was true again Tuesday morning as McCrory met with reporters after the Council of State meeting to discuss the budget talks.

McCrory said he supports funding teacher assistants and giving local school systems the flexibility to use the TA funding any way they see fit.  He has expressed that sentiment before as a way to settle the differences between the House and Senate budgets.

The Senate budget would eliminate funding for 8,500 TAs over the next two years and use the money to reduce class size in the early grades while the House wants to maintain funding for TAs at its current level after several years of  sharp reductions.

The latest Senate offer includes full funding for the TAs but no flexibility for the local schools to shift the money to pay for additional teachers or other classroom needs. The Senate offer also includes cutting funding for some other education programs supported by the House.

McCrory didn’t react to last night’s Senate offer that is creating a buzz at the Legislative Building. So it’s not clear if he supports it or not. Or is aware of it.

McCrory also told reporters that he has been serving as a facilitator for the two sides in the budget dispute.

“I’ve been involved in, more than anything, facilitating two groups that are, at times, in disagreement,” the governor said, “not only between the two bodies but at times even within the two bodies themselves.

You’d think McCrory would be “more than anything” pushing lawmakers to support his own agenda. You know, like a leader would do.


  1. LayintheSmakDown

    September 1, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    I am confused. Local superintendents have all the flexibility they need so there should be no problem.

  2. Tina Biela

    September 1, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    I would like to see these politicians live on the salary of a TA who also has a second or third job to just pay the bills. It’s really really sad that they don’t value TA’s enough, value the education of the students to keep TA’s, pay them what they are worth for the further of the students. It really is a insult to the people(TA’s) who love what they do, but do not get paid what they are worth. They are certainly worth more then any of these politicians!!

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