McCrory to sign bill increasing number of job searches for unemployed


Gov. McCrory will sign Senate Bill 15, sponsored by Sen. Bob Rucho.

Governor Pat McCrory will be in Gastonia Thursday to sign legislation requiring those applying for unemployment benefits to dramatically increase the number of jobs they apply for each week.

Under Senate Bill 15, a job-seeker would be required to apply for a minimum of five jobs per week (up from two) to receive unemployment insurance benefits.

Last month, Rep. Julia Howard (R-Davie) told her House colleagues the legislation was intended to get jobless individuals “in the habit” of looking for work.

But some lawmakers, including Rep. Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe) suggested the new requirement would inundate local employers with applications, many from unqualified individuals, simply to meet the job contact requirement.

SB 15 would also establish 12 weeks as the minimum period and 20 weeks as the maximum period for those who qualify for benefits. The duration would depend on the seasonal adjusted statewide unemployment rate.

Thursday’s bill signing will be at JobLink West in Gaston County, where the unemployment rate stands at 6.4 percent.

One Comment

  1. Pat

    September 10, 2015 at 10:12 am

    McCory is just out to ruin NC just like Obama has done for America. I have worked for over 40 years and in danger of losing my job. I am tired of keeping everybody else up but when it comes my time, you have some high paid politician that could care less.

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