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House passes state budget, $750 bonus called an “insult” to teachers (video)

After four hours of heated debate Thursday night and a second vote just after midnight Friday, the NC House followed the Senate in approving the $21.7 billion state budget.

Republicans touted the fact that the budget compromise released on Monday fully funds teaching assistants as well as driver’s education, and offers a bonus to all state workers and teachers.

Rep. Tricia Cotham of Mecklenburg County said the funding for public education was barely adequate, calling the one-time $750 increase an “insult” to veteran educators.

Rep. Darren Jackson of Wake County criticized House budget conferees for caving-in to the Senate on
several key provisions, including a two-percent across-the-board raise for all state workers.

Jackson chastised his colleagues for a budget that neglects state retirees and loads up the budget with earmarks and special provision that had never been discussed in committee. Click below to hear Rep. Jackson’s take on the budget compromise.

The final vote on Friday morning was 81-33. Click here to see how your representative votes.

Governor Pat McCrory has said he will sign the budget bill after it’s ratified by the Senate, perhaps as early as today.

Lawmakers are expected to adjourn the session September 30th.

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