North Carolina’s Congressional delegation weighs in on Speaker John Boehner’s resignation

From Congressman David E. Price (NC-04):

Price“Speaker Boehner’s resignation marks the culmination of the Tea Party ascendancy that began with the 2010 elections. He rode this right-wing extremism to power, and it has now brought him down. I have now served under six Speakers of the House, and never have I seen a Speaker face such dissension and disarray within his own ranks.  His tenure will not be remembered for major legislative accomplishments; it will instead be remembered for a series of artificial and unnecessary political crises forced upon the country in order to placate the far right.

As we reflect on Pope Francis’s historic visit yesterday, for which Speaker Boehner deserves a great deal of credit, we can only hope that the next Speaker can find a way to restore order within the Republican Party and return to the many important challenges that face this nation—including the looming threat of another potentially devastating government shutdown.  But I fear that Speaker Boehner’s resignation means we can only expect more of the same extremism and dysfunction.”

From Congressman Mark Meadows (NC-11):

meadows“Speaker Boehner has served honorably during a difficult time for Republicans when the threat of a veto from the White House constantly impedes our legislative agenda. At times I differed with Speaker Boehner on policy or procedural positions, but I commend him for his honorable service, his humility, his undeniable love for his country and his desire to serve this great nation.

I look forward to an open and inclusive discussion as the House pursues new leadership. There are critically important issues the House must address in the coming months. It is of the utmost importance that our new leadership reflect the diverse makeup of the House Republican Conference and, ultimately, that the voices of the American people are heard through their elected representatives.”

From Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09):

Robert Pittenger“Speaker John Boehner has led House Republicans and America with dedication and distinction. He has championed our efforts for unparalleled cuts in spending, served as the strongest pro-life Speaker, and had the courage to stand for a secure America. Thanks to his leadership, Speaker Boehner helped create a historic House majority. May God bless Speaker Boehner and his family.”

From Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12):

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