A ‘really simple law’ made more challenging for NC’s unpaid workers by a reluctant regulator (video)

If you missed the News & Observer’s special series last week on wage theft and the reluctance of the NC Department of Labor to crack down on unscrupulous employers, be sure to listen to NC Policy Watch’s radio interview with reporter Mandy Locke.

Locke  describes state Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry as a reluctant regulator who has done relatively little to aid unpaid workers. From the series:

The Labor Department left hundreds of workers hanging in 2014.

For claims that investigators were fully able to investigate and validate for 1,521 workers, roughly 40 percent of the workers didn’t get the help they requested. Investigators did not collect $1 million in wages they determined were owed to 617 workers.

That amount was nearly half of the money investigators found was due. Those wages were, in effect, stolen from workers who count on each paycheck to pay bills and buy food.

Listen to an excerpt of Chris Fitzsimon’s interview with Locke below. A podcast of the full radio interview is available here.

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