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Best BTC Reads of 2015

If you are like me, one of the great activities of December is scouring the year-end lists for the great reads, music and tech developments of the past year.  So here is one more list to add to the pile that features Budget & Tax Center publications that are must reads from 2015.  Happy Reading!

  1. North Carolina’s Greatest Challenge: Widespread Struggles Remain a Grave Threat to Economic Growth and Us All provides a comprehensive analysis of poverty and income data for North Carolina and demonstrates how we ignore the economic challenges of some in our state at our own peril.
  2. Smart Choices in an Era of Migration examines how the growing immigrant population in North Carolina has contributed to the economic vitality of the state and highlights common-sense steps that can help immigrants to become fully integrated into the North Carolina community.
  3. Diminished Expectations and the Resulting Drag on NC’s Economy: A Summary of the 2015-17 Budget analyzes the final budget to demonstrate how sharply constrained the state’s ability to make public investments in widespread prosperity and a growing economy due to tax cuts.  For where we hoped that the budget would take us, here is our pre-session outline of what our state needs to move forward for bonus reading.
  4. Growth without Prosperity: Seven Years After the Great Recession Started, Recovery Still Eludes North Carolina assesses various metrics on economic well-being to tell the story that the recovery is still uneven and failing to deliver economic security to all in the state. For more recent updates to the data, visit our Prosperity Watch platform for weekly nuggets on data trends.
  5. This year’s State of Working North Carolina report, The Future of Work and Ensuring Job Quality in North Carolina, refocuses the discussion of how automation is changing the nature of work to analyze and propose ways to ensure that job creation efforts deliver economic well-being and reflect the characteristics of economy-boosting jobs.

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