Ed Blum: Sorry, not sorry

VoteYesterday the social media world was all abuzz over Ed Blum’s apparent contrition for the fall-out from his attack on voting rights, as consummated in his Shelby County v. Holder case.

Blum, you may recall, is on a one-man mission to gut racial classifications in this country and has been the force behind not only the Shelby County case but also Fisher v. University of Texas (affirmative action) and now apparently Evenwel v. Abbott (one person one vote).

In a wide-ranging profile of his endeavors posted by The Guardian, Blum professed concern over what states like North Carolina did to vitiate voting protections after Shelby County.

“I think about it a lot, I worry about it a lot. I agonise over this,” Blum told The Guardian. “It may be that one or two of the states that used to be covered by Section 5 has gone too far.”

Well today’s a new day and after his remarks made the rounds, Blum felt compelled to release this statement, sent to Rick Hasen at the Election Law Blog:

Just because I have concerns about some jurisdictions imposing voting requirements that discourage participation, it does not follow that I have regrets about any of the past or current cases I have helped file. I have no regrets. One of the problems giving interviews such as the one in the Guardian is that the complete answer to a question is often cut down by the author to make a slanted point.

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