Tomorrow’s special legislative session: Uninformed sausage making at its worst

3-7-16-NCPW-cartoonThere are a lot of reasons to be disgusted that state lawmakers will return to Raleigh tomorrow for a one-day special session to repeal Charlotte’s new anti-discrimination ordinance.

Here’s one, however, that will probably get lost in the shuffle: It’s less than 24 hours to the start of the session and we don’t have any real idea of what the legislation will say. Indeed, the General Assembly website has no mention of the session at all. Oh sure, there are all kinds of rumors out there — the bill will only be about bathrooms; the bill will bar all such anti-discrimination ordinances; the bill will go even further and forbid local living wage ordinances — but the plain truth is that no one in the public has any idea what will actually be considered and voted on.

This means that state lawmakers will almost certainly pass an important new law tomorrow that no one in the public has even read before. There will be no chance for meaningful hearings, no time for thoughtful public input, no time to hear from constitutional experts or from the scores of cities across America with similar ordinances.

If the public is allowed to speak at all, you can rest assured that it will be the usual offensive drill in which a parade of six or eight people will be given a minute of two each to address a packed committee room. It will, in short, be modern North Carolina General Assembly sausage making at its worst — a hastily convened kangaroo session that will be little better than the gussied-up mob rule one might have expected in some 19th Century frontier territory.

Caring and thinking North Carolinians should be outraged and sickened that such a farce will be carried on in their name and with their tax dollars.

Be sure to check out this afternoon’s edition of the Fitzsimon File for an up-to-the-minute takedown of tomorrow’s hate-fest.

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  1. Laurie

    March 22, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    And of course this is such an emergency, that they have to invent laws citing morality when it is all their talk is very immoral, they have completely lost all their fiduciary sense as well. All of their moral crusades are costing the state millions, can we send them home in November?

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