McCrory shuts off reporters again, dismisses discussion of “ridiculous restroom and locker room policies”

Gov. Pat McCrory skipped the 74th annual meeting of the NC Chamber in Greensboro today for another vitally important act of governance — unveiling a future U.S. Interstate 70 sign today during a ceremony in Goldsboro.

Nonetheless, some local reporters caught up with the Guv and tried to ask him about his approval of the state’s new LGBT discrimination law. According to reporter Wes Wolfe of the Kinston Free Press, McCrory cut off the interview after two questions on the subject.

Click here for the video. Here is a transcript of his answer to the first HB 2 question, which asked about his indication in a statement last night that he would be open to amending the new law:

“I think my statement speaks for itself. If there are ways we can improve it, that’s great but I think, frankly, the people of North Carolina want to talk about roads and the economic development and jobs and that’s where I’m gonna’ focus my attention on — not ridiculous..uh.. restroom and locker room policies that some people are trying to force onto the private sector.”

To which, all a sane person can say in reply is: “Ridiculous restroom and locker room policies, indeed. And ridiculous employment discrimination and living wage policies too!”

If only the Governor had thought and said something like that last week when he was confronted with the bill in the first place. It would have been a perfect rationale to follow the leads of other conservative political and business leaders around the country and veto this disaster.

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