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Voters favor Cooper, public investments in latest Elon Poll

McCrory_CooperNew polling numbers released by Elon University find Attorney General Roy Cooper leading Governor Pat McCrory 48-42 in the latest gubernatorial poll.

The six point spread represents Cooper’s largest lead since Elon started polling this race as a hypothetical match-up.

Forty-three percent of the registered voters surveyed say they approve of the job Cooper is doing in his current role, compared to 27 percent who disapprove.

Governor McCrory’s approval rating stands at 37 percent, with 49 percent of voters questioned saying they disapprove of his performance.

In the U.S. Senate race, Republican incumbent Richard Burr enjoys s a 37-33 percent lead over his Democratic challenger Deborah Ross.

On the issue of House Bill 2, voters were split on whether the state should prohibit cities from allowing transgender individuals to use the public facilities that best matches their gender identity. Forty-nine percent supported the state, while 39 percent said cities should be allowed to pass such policies. Eleven percent were undecided.

Another aspect of HB2 prevents local municipalities from setting their own minimum wage standard. On this question, 50 percent responded that cities should have the authority to establish their own minimum wage.

And 65 percent of registered voters said that wage should be more than $10 an hour.

April’s Elon University Poll also asked likely voters about their willingness to pay more taxes to improve education and other public investments. Here’s how they responded to the following statements:

I would be willing to pay more taxes to increase money for public schools.
Strongly Agree: 18 percent
Agree: 50 percent
Disagree: 24 percent
Strongly Disagree: 5 percent
Don’t Know/Unsure: 3 percent

The state should reduce taxes, even if this means spending less on social programs like healthcare and unemployment benefits.
Strongly Agree: 7 percent
Agree: 22 percent
Disagree: 48 percent
Strongly Disagree: 18 percent
Don’t Know/Unsure: 5 percent

North Carolina should invest more in local roads, even if I have to pay more taxes.
Strongly Agree: 9 percent
Agree:  46 percent
Disagree: 33 percent
Strongly Disagree: 6 percent
Don’t Know/Unsure: 5 percent

Find the full survey results and more about the methodology here. The poll has a margin of error of 3.93 percentage points.

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  1. mary jones

    April 19, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Would love to know how the HB2 question was worded since I still believe that the vast majority still don’t know what ‘transgender’ means…still so much misinformation…confusing ‘sexuality’ with ‘gender’, believing that they are deviant, aggressive predators, that they are just men wanting to get into women’s bathrooms…so how the question was posed would definitely affect the response.

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