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  1. Marsha Hammond PhD

    May 10, 2016 at 2:10 am

    McCrory is swinging in the wind, self imposed noose ’round his partisan, vote-grubbing neck while, undoubtedly, AG Roy Cooper feeds the Feds w/ info so quickly that we now witness game of “play political chicken in a Southern purple state.” Quite the spectacle; so predictable; McCrory ascribes to Jiminy Cricket/ tortoise lookalike Mitch McConnell: we will make “”War of the Roses” look like child’s play as we bring the entire house down on all citizens. Next Act plz. Ima dying to see what matches these no holds barred moves that give not a whit of respect to impacted people. They sit like warlords moving chess pieces. CHECK come November. Yet even then we cannot rid ourselves of these troublesome politicians. Wait! Wait! A horse doth approach 3 years hence when the last of the gerrymandered Republicans forsooth apologize oxymoronically for past misdeeds. I need more Shakespeare under my belt to capture this sick farce. Marsha Hammond PhD Licensed Psychologist NC

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