Editorial: No more special legislative sessions…PLEASE

The lead editorial in today’s Greensboro News & Record has an amusing, if rather depressing and, ultimately, serious assessment of the possibility that the General Assembly could soon be called into special session to redraw unconstitutional election maps it attempted to force upon the people of Wake County. To paraphrase the N&R: “No, anything but that!”

This is from the editorial:

“It’s possible the legislature will be called back into session to fix Wake County commissioner and school board districts that were struck down by a federal appeals court. We hope it doesn’t happen. In the last special session March 23, the legislature came up with House Bill 2. It only needs a day to wreak havoc.”

The editorial then goes on to explain and deride another bill that lawmakers pulled out of their hats in the waning days of the recently adjourned session that rearranges state election law by, among other things, changing municipal elections to even numbered years without any study or discussion and altering the order of how candidates appear on ballots so that — what a coincidence! — Republicans (including the son of the Senate President Pro Tem) will appear first in races for the Court of Appeals.

Here’s the sadly on-the-money conclusion:

“Every time it enacts election changes, the legislature claims to be restoring confidence in government. That goal is incompatible with its blitzkrieg approach to controversial bills.

If there’s another special session, it could take a second shot at passing the defeated Asheville City Council bill or even go after Greensboro again. No, every city is safer when the legislature is out of session. It should stay out.”

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