Editorials criticize McCrory administration over clash with scientists

Multiple newspaper editorial pages are calling out the McCrory administration yet again this morning — this time over its troubling actions on the matter of drinking water polluted with coal ash chemicals and the interactions with scientists Ken Rudo and Megan Davies.

The Fayetteville Observer:

“On Thursday, McCrory was in Fayetteville, opening a new segment of the Outer Loop and insisting to reporters that this dustup was only a ‘disagreement among scientists.’ The governor said that, ‘We’re providing all the information necessary to ensure that we have safe drinking water and the public knows exactly what the value of that drinking water is.’

No, not really. The administration is continuing to sow fear and doubt and make this dispute look more like a political coverup than an honest attempt to protect anything except the McCrory administration’s own reputation.

Stop digging, governor.”

The Guv’s hometown Charlotte Observer:

“Rudo’s deposition and Davies’ resignation raise serious questions about what happens inside the McCrory administration when scientific facts and political considerations clash. It will surely bolster long-simmering suspicions that McCrory’s 28-year career as a Duke employee makes him an untrustworthy steward of the state’s delicate relationship with its largest power utility….

The residents near those ash pits need answers. Answers they can trust.And a good place to start is by letting scientists do their jobs without fear of meddling from poll-watching politicians and their politically sensitive aides.”

The Greensboro News & Record:

“One thing’s for sure: This looks bad. McCrory, a Republican, worked for Duke Energy for nearly three decades and critics have questioned whether the state has loosened its reins on environmental protection on his watch.

State Rep. Pricey Harrison, a Greensboro Democrat, has suggested a better way forward: Have a third party investigate to help ferret out the facts. That probably means the U.S. Justice Department rather than Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is running against McCrory, or the State Bureau of Investigation, which is a link in the governor’s chain of command.

Obviously, somebody’s lying and the biggest casualty (so far) has been the public’s trust.”

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