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A closer look at the NCAA decision on HB2

Interesting piece from the Charlotte Observer about the NCAA’s decision to pull championship games out of North Carolina over HB2 – and why North Carolina’s LGBT policies really are different.

While conservatives have been blasting the NCAA, this piece makes it pretty clear that the NCAA has explained its reasoning and it’s pretty sound.

From the piece:

“A common charge from critics of the NCAA’s decision has been that other states have the same laws regarding LGBT people that North Carolina does – but that those states aren’t being punished.

But the NCAA said its decision was because the situation in North Carolina “is different from that of other states because of at least four specific factors.”

So who is right about the nature of North Carolina law, the NCAA or its critics?

It’s the NCAA.

Regarding LGBT rights, North Carolina has at least one restriction that no other state has, and no other state has the combination of laws North Carolina has. Furthermore, it’s subject to a travel ban by other state governments.”

Read the full piece for a look the four factors specifically cited by the NCAA.

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