New poll: NC seniors want state government to help with retirement security (infographic)

aarp-infographicI had the opportunity to speak at an AARP North Carolina breakfast this morning that explored some of the issues that concern seniors and that are, sadly, receiving fairly minimal attention from the gubernatorial candidates.

Topping the list for a lot of senior voters is the issue of financial security. According to a recent AARP survey highlighted at left, 77% of seniors polled want state government to establish a public savings plan for workers who lack an employer funded plan.

Let’s hope this very promising idea makes it onto the radar of Governor McCrory and Attorney General Cooper in the days ahead and that it stays on the front burner in 2017 no matter who gets elected in November.

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  1. Doug

    September 27, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    Rob – thank you for being on the panel – your voice is important to moving this proposal forward. About 2million workers in NC would be better off if this passes — and the state would have a wealthier population and all the ripples that goes with that. It’s a tremendous opportunity that a nudge like this could bring to people’s financial security

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