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Special legislative session threatens to descend into farce (UPDATED)


Senate leader Phil Berger and Speaker of the House Tim Moore

One of the best protest signs from the 2013 Moral Monday demonstrations said something to this effect: “I can’t believe we still have to protest this [crap].”

Such a sign would be more than apt today as the special “hurricane” session plods along and the most powerful political leaders in our state continue to casually inform us that “there are a lot of things being talked about.” [2]

Rumors emanating from Jones Street this morning hold that lawmakers are continuing to examine ways in which to limit the powers of the state’s new, duly elected governor and are even considering the possibility of convening a second special session as long as they are in town.

Earth to Senator Berger, Speaker Moore and your posses: Enough! Go home. End this bizarre, right-wing war on Christmas. Pass your dad-gum relief bill that, by most indications [3], was probably unnecessary and could have been passed next month when the new General Assembly convenes, and evacuate the capital.

C’mon guys — you’ll be back in just a few weeks with plenty of time and capacity to pursue all sorts of mischief. Show a tiny shred of humanity and decency and give everyone a break before the hell of the 2017 session commences.

[Just after 12 noon today, legislative leaders announced that, indeed, there would be a second special session convening at 2:00 p.m. [4] The subject matter for the session appears likely to be, essentially, anything Republican lawmakers think they can get away with.]