Mere HB2 repeal is not enough to put things back where they were for workers

Regardless of how one feels about the apparent deal engineered by Gov.-elect Cooper, the Charlotte City Council and state legislative leaders today (i.e. a long overdue return to sanity that paves the path to further progress or a troubling backroom deal that abandons trans people), it needs to be pointed out that merely repealing HB2 isn’t enough to put things back where they were at the beginning of 2016.

Remember that in addition to enshrining discrimination in state law, HB2 also did some other noxious stuff. For instance, it did away with the right to sue for employment discrimination under North Carolina law. And while that right was later restored near the end of the 2016 regular legislative session, the time period under which victims are now required to sue has been significantly reduced.

Thus, while those discriminated against had three years to sue under the pre-HB2 law, that period is only one year today as the result of HB169 — the bill that restored the basic right.

If lawmakers are genuinely interested in fully repealing HB2, they must amend HB169 to expand the “statute of limitations” from one year to three.

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  1. Carl Seager

    December 20, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Several weeks ago you published a link to a national state legislative association report about the multiple nation wide attempts by other state legislatures to write their own similar HB2 laws. All outher attempts failed.
    Would you please send me that link to the 2 page report.
    My Republican friends don’t believe HB2 is not law through out the country. I am trying to help them with reality

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